Coaching Board

The main tasks of the coaching board are:

1. Organizational and methodological support for the preparation of athletes of national teams, sport reserve.

2. Approval of the Uzbekistan fencing national teams for participation in international competitions, on the proposal of the Head and Chief National Coaches based on the results of international and national competitions. The composition of the team for participation in international competitions is determined by the coaching board for the types of weapons consisting of:

• head coach of the national team of Uzbekistan with the right to vote - 1.5;

• Chief coach by type of weapon with the right to vote - 1.5;

• coaches by type of weapon consisting of 5 people with the right to vote -1

1. Arrangement of Coaches Training and skills upgrading system.

2. Improvement the training process.

3. Coordination and arrangement of the competitive process.

4. Solution of disputable issues related to the training process.

5. Introduction of advanced training techniques and the latest fencing training methods into practice of coaches-instructors.

6. Upgrading of planning, control, analysis and accounting systems in sport activities to identify challenging areas and techniques in the training process.

7. Work up of proposals for the development of the fencing sport in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

8. The growth of professional qualifications, implementation of training and the orientation of athletes on the further choice of the profession of a coach.

9. Solution to the issues on the arrangement international competitions training camps and trips of national team athletes.

10. The Coaching Board, within the scope of its tasks, carries out the following functions:

1. Hears information and reports of trainers-coaches.

2. Participates in the working out of the sports events schedule.

3. Discusses and makes proposals on the formation of the Regulation on sports fencing competitions in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

4. Submits proposals to the Federation Executive Committee on the procedure for the formation of sports teams of the Republic of Uzbekistan on fencing.

5. Discusses and makes proposals under the guidance of the Chief coaches for the preparation and formation of national teams to participate in sports events (competitions, training events).

6. Recommends to participate in training camps of challenging athletes.

7. Makes proposals on the determination of criteria for the formation of the list of candidates for the national teams of Uzbekistan in all age categories.

8. Participates in the formation of the list national team of Uzbekistan, approves the preliminary composition.

9. Provides the plans for training, educational activities, recreational activities, individual plans for training athletes for the sports season and the Olympic cycle to the Executive Committee of the Federation.

10. Analyzes the results of the performance of national teams at competitions, hears reports of the coaches and works out proposals for improving sports training.

11. Participates in working out of a targeted integrated training program for the national team of Uzbekistan for the next Olympic cycle.

12. Considers disciplinary issues regarding athletes and accepts appropriate recommendations on them for the Federation management.

13. Considers and recommends athletes and coaches candidates for promotion and rewarding.